Leo Bassi en FETA Gdansk, Poland where my Great Grand-Father worked in 1885!!El Ultimo Bufón (3 Bassi)

El Ultimo Bufón (3 Bassi)

Poland has always been a very special country for me… Already in the early seventies, with a polish girlfriend, I had a firsthand experience of living in a “socialist” country and it’s strange contradictions. From long queues in the shops to an intense cultural life both official and dissedent. Then back again in 1980 with my “Smallest Circus in the World” performing for several months all around the country.
It was a time of strong political tensions and from my very special vantage point as a street artist, I was able to meet and exchange thoughts with people from very different backgrounds. I, myself, was often in conflict with the “official” cultural world, getting kicked out of the national Circus School or very nearly being arrested by political police in Lublin. In that occasion, it was my audience that hid me and blocked the police dogs that had been let loose to catch me.
Over the years, I was able to meet great Theater people like Jerzy Grotowski and so many experimental groups, all in a way, having influenced me in my work.
In 2005, I was invited to Gdansk for the first time and was thrilled to perform in this unique city where my Great Grand-Father had performed 120 years before.
I am now back with Utopia, a show full of Hope and El Pato Gigante, a street performance full of Innocence.
See you soon.Gdansk Pato

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